flax engine

Flax Engine screenshots and logo are included in Press Pack, Download (55MB).


Flax Engine is a game engine originally made by the Polish developer Wojciech Figat.
It is a complete suite of game development tools.
Two main ideas of the project are to enable developers to create beautiful games and do it quickly.
From stunning graphics to powerful scripts – Flax boosts the game development process.
Designed for the fast workflow with many ready to use features waiting to check out right now.

Flax is being developed by independent engineers (indie project).


Everything started in 2012 when the first lines of code were written.
Originally the project was using C# and XNA for graphics but it turned out to be inefficient.
After switching into the SharpDX library project was under development until September 2014 when Open Beta started.
Almost 1000 downloads and many developers using Celelej was a little success.
This continued until April 2015 when was made the decision to rewrite the whole engine into C++ with multiplatform support.

On 1st December 2016, the project was renamed to Flax.

After over 2 years of Closed Alpha and Closed Beta tests Flax 1.0 version was released. With full source code available, multi-platform support, and tons of features, Flax Engine is used by various companies and indie developers…


Flax goal is to deliver the best possible solutions for game development.
We build a community and the development cycle that could be described as located somewhere in the middle between huge game engines (Unity, UE4, CryEngine) and the open-source engines (Godot, Banshee, Lumix).
This gives enough independence, engaged community, direct communication with the engine dev team, and flexibility as open-source engines have while we still maintain a solid form of the engine as it is developed by the professionals. Solid distribution, proper infrastructure, and engaged developers are some of Flax strong sides. The whole mixture of these features makes Flax very outstanding software.

Flax wants to be unique. Flax wants to make game development faster and more accessible.