Flax Engine Rendering Showcase

Best development performance out there

Unleash your creativity and be more productive. With Flax you can boost your game development and bring it to another level. We’ve created tools that are slim and agile. No more lagging actions, long importing, nor slow compilation. Everything you do as a developer with Flax is meant to be instant.


Great tools made right for you

Flax was built up with the idea of giving more power to the creators. Game development tools we create are making this goal possible. Seamless C++, C#, and Visual Scripting, extensible Flax Editor are just a few examples of tools we have for you and your team.


Flax Engine Rendering Showcase

Everything you need

No matter if you’re working solo as an indie dev or in a bigger team. Flax brings awesome experience to the game development that scales from small to large teams. Flax supports Version Control Systems and is focused on scalability so your game project can grow from 5 to 50 developers with ease.


Dev Blog

The latest news.

Flax 1.8 released

Here we go again We’re happy to release Flax 1.8! It brings lots of great features such as .NET 8, ASTC texture support, new UI editor, new models importing pipeline, tank vehicles, Anim Graph live Read more…

Flax 1.7.2 released

Merry Christmas! Right before the Holiday season, we’re rolling out Flax 1.7.2 update. This release brings many stability fixes and various improvements (especially for the Editor). We’ve added an experimental model-importing feature that allows creating Read more…

Flax 1.7.1 released

Hello! Starting with Flax 1.7 we announced a new release schedule policy where we committed to deliver patch updates to the latest version every month. As promised, here comes Flax 1.7.1 update! This release contains Read more…