Flax Car

Get Flax

Click the button below to download the installer of the Flax Launcher. Follow these instructions to complete your setup and create your first project with Flax.


Editor for Linux

Flax Editor for Linux: Download (executable Binaries/Editor/Linux/Development/FlaxEditor, learn more here).
Platform Tools for Game Cooker to build for Linux: Download (extract contents into Source/Platforms/Linux inside the Editor install location).

Editor for Mac

Flax Editor for Mac: Download – open the latest Continuous Deployment and download the package Mac-Editor from artifacts. Then extract and use executable Binaries/Editor/Mac/Development/FlaxEditor. Learn more here.

Switch to Flax

Already familiar with game development using Unity, Unreal, or Godot? See our tutorials dedicated to newcomers here.

Join the community

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We are also on Discord and Flax Forum.

Source code on Github

Finally, you’re welcome to visit our Github where we host our public repositories, including the full source code of the Flax Engine.