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Use Flax for free, pay 4% when you release

Flax Engine and all related tools, all features, all supported platforms, all Editor source code, all complete projects and Flax Samples with regular updates can be used for free.


How it works?

  • Use Flax for free for uncommercial or educational usage
  • Create your game and deploy it to all the supported platforms
  • Use Flax Samples and all learning resources for free
  • Access full source code of the Flax Editor and Flax API (on GitHub)
  • Ship you game and pay a 4% royalty after your game earns $3,000 per calendar quarter


Flax users are requried to accept “Flax Engine End-User License Agreement” before using Flax Engine and related tools.
The newest version of this document can be downloaded here: download EULA

If you have any quections please see Frequently Asked Questions.