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To help you get started with Flax we’ve got a helper list of resources to access.


Flax Doc is official documentation containing complete manual and scripting API reference for Flax Engine. It’s the best place to start your journey with Flax. Visit it here: docs.flaxengine.com.


Got any questions? Good, see the Frequently Asked Questions sections to get the answers. Also, come and join us on Discord and Forum to talk with us directly.


We keep Flax development transparent and share all details about the current plan and tasks. Learn about Flax’s long-term roadmap, and when to expect new features and functionality.

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We want you to succeed! Use Flax for free, pay 4% when you release (above first $250k per quarter). Flax Engine and all related tools, all features, all supported platforms, all source code, all complete projects and Flax Samples with regular updates can be used for free.