Flax Features Showcase

What makes Flax better?

  • Seamless C# and C++ scripting
  • Automatic draw calls batching and instancing
  • Every asset is using async content streaming by default
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, PS4, PS5. Switch, Xbox)
  • Realtime Global Illumination (DDGI and reflections with custom software raytracing)
  • GPU Lightmaps Baking
  • Visual Scripting
  • VFX tools
  • Nested prefabs
  • Large Worlds (64-bit precision for worlds coordinates)
  • Localization tools
  • Online services (Steam, Xbox Live, PSN)
  • Networking for multiplayer games
  • Animation tools and features
  • Behavior Trees
  • Cloth simulation
  • Open World Tools (terrain, foliage, fog, levels streaming)
  • Hot-reloading C#/C++ in Editor
  • Gameplay Globals for technical artists
  • Full source-code available
  • Direct communication and help from engine devs
  • Lightweight development (full repo clone + compilation in less than 3 min)

Tech Demo 2022

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