May patch update

This month we have the next hotfix update to the latest Flax release. Flax 1.8.2 comes with multiple Editor UI improvements, navmesh update performance optimization, and many bugfixes including 35 pull requests from various contributors.

As always, we will briefly check new features and highlights.


Flax Community Game Jam

Flax Community is hosting Flax Engine Gam Jam #2. The theme for this jam season is Retro Future. Feel free to join and make a game with Flax!


UI Control Transform reorder

UI Control actors don’t show normal actor transformation properties but use dedicated UI Control Transform with anchors, pivot, rotation, and sheer (GH-2525). This change moves transform-related fields up in the Properties panel.

Tree node guidelines in Editor

Editor tree hierarchies display guidelines that increase the readability of the structure (GH-2588). This feature works both in the scene hierarchy and the content folder panel. You can optionally toggle them off in the editor interface options.

Navmesh building optimization

Navigation Mesh building process has been an async task done in the background both in the game and in the editor. However, to provide safety it locked scene resources during nav tile rasterization process which caused stalls in larger scenes (eg. those using terrain). Now, navigation scene processing is optimized and scene lock time went down thus it doesn’t cause any stuttering anymore.

Root motion looping fix

We’ve fixed the animation’s root motion to be properly looped if the animation uses rotation. Previously it resulted in a small error that depended on the game frame rate. Now, looped animation properly calculates and applies motion relative to the previous frame.


Contributors: mafiesto4, GoaLitiuM, Tryibion, Harloys, tecnessino

  • Add watermark attribute to add watermark to string fields in editor
  • Add removing selected blend space point with Delete key
  • Add margin to item tree in toolbox
  • Add shift scroll for panels and textbox
  • Add control transform to General group for better usability
  • Add trimming content item name and actor name on rename to prevent dangling whitespace
  • Add drag drop controls to Actor Toolbox
  • Add font and case options to Label and Textbox
  • Add color properties to Panel’s scroll bars
  • Add width padding for tooltip text
  • Add tree node guidelines for Editor hierarchies
  • Add checkerboard background to color picker dialog color
  • Add support for adding script via drag drop on actor
  • Add minor improvements to UI Editor widget drawing
  • Add better error messages to NetworkReplicator::SetObjectOwnership for incorrect usage
  • Add layer masking for PostFxVolume against Camera’s RenderLayersMask
  • Add OnStaticFlagsChanged to Actor
  • Add Gameplay Global combobox to default to the last type of variable
  • Add For Distribution to be enabled by default in Release builds
  • Add Windows on Arm build support for PhysX and NvCloth libs
  • Add test case of nested types in scripting
  • Add option to move all selected UI Controls while holding Shift key
  • Optimize navmesh building and reduce scene lock time
  • Rename Options to Editor Options and move under Edit menu
  • Refactor Color.FromRGBA and add matching old logic Color.FromARGB
  • Fix looping root motion
  • Fix error when using undo after removing Multi Blend node
  • Fix odd offset between 1st property and property label
  • Fix empty layers to be ignored by LayerMask Editor
  • Fix TreeNode not rendering all nodes properly with invisible children
  • Fix editor to focus prefab window on item spawn
  • Fix textbox caret not showing on empty string
  • Fix caret location on text box with no text
  • Fix drawing an extra character with Render2D.DrawText
  • Fix actor type drag spawn to correctly assign parent
  • Fix editor game window focus while cursor is not visible
  • Fix smooth step visject node width
  • Fix color picker dialog
  • Fix item search to clear on select prefab
  • Fix incorrect async methods used as RPCs (not supported now)
  • Fix ReadOnly attribute handling in collection editors
  • Fix UI navigation when using multiple canvases
  • Fix TAA in editors debug view modes
  • Fix compilation warnings when using 64-bit coords
  • Fix compilation when using non-strongly typed enum as default value
  • Fix Editor not launching if custom interface fonts are missing
  • Fix creating virtual terrain collision of actor that is not in a game
  • Fix missing camera model preview in Prefab viewport
  • Fix missing curve initialization when loading from json
  • Fix windows cursor to force show or hide based on cursor hidden value
  • Fix bindings code generation for nested types
  • Fix deadlock between content storage and asset that is being updated during load
  • Fix crash when using scripting object as interface implementation in object property displayed in Editor
  • Fix crash when unboxing of array type Variant
  • Fix crash when Visual Script event binding instance is invalid

Wojciech Figat

Lead Developer


Amirhosein · June 3, 2024 at 12:33 PM

Nice! keep working on the flax i see my future using it

Esuper · June 17, 2024 at 3:56 AM

Nice update!
even better than unity!

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