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Flax 0.4 Released

Flax 0.4 Released

What’s new Today we’ve released a new update for Flax! Version 0.4 ships with various new features such as Foliage, Navigation, Null Renderer, and Custom Anim Graph nodes. We’ve also improved many other engine aspects and brought even more stability to the Editor. Checkout the release highlights section to learn more or visit Flax Documentation
Flax 0.3 Released

Flax 0.3 Released

What’s new Today we’ve released another exciting update for Flax! Version 0.3 is still Alpha release but it’s getting closer to stable Beta update and engine features completeness. Probably the most important feature is a new Terrain support. We strive to make it possible for your creations to be enjoyed as you intended by everyone.
Flax Facts

Flax Facts #18 – Discord

Flax Discord Channel Welcome! In today’s blog post we would like to announce our official Discord channel! If you want to be a part of the growing community come and visit it. Starting from now, it will be used as the main community platform where both new users, game developers, and Flax team can share
Flax Facts

Flax Facts #11 – Progress

Progres Update Welcome to the new Flax Facts! It has been very productive month. Many new improvements and features had been added including finished physics and game settings infrastructure. We also keep improving Flax Editor so using it constantly gets better and better. Now it’s time to show you some pics and gifs with all
Flax Facts

Flax Facts #8 – The Roadmap

Project info Welcome to new Friday Flax Facts! Today I want to talk about our current tasks and the project status. Our roadmap is getting clearer and release plan more possible. But firstly let’s start with the current progress. C# Editor – good or bad idea? After a few weeks of work we’ve got working

Huge Update! Celelej Name Change!

New Name: Flax Engine With the end of the year upon me, I am starting to get excited for Celelej’s official release for next year. With a new year comes a fresh start, so I’ve decided to update the Celelej name to be easier to catch and remember. So, on to the big news! Celelej

Short story about last 1.5 year

Story Today I’d like to talk about development of Celelej Game Engine version 2. As you may see on published screenshots (more about features here) project is looking better than the old one. But you could ask how was it in the past? Fortunately I have got some historical screenshots from editor app during development

What’s new in Celelej 2?

In previous post I described current project status. Now it’s time to say something more precise about the changes. I was really busy during last 1.5 of the year. Project has been created from scratch and designed in a new way. So here is a complete (or maybe not) list of current features and changes

Hello world! Again.

Hello It’s been a long time since I could say you something about this project. Yep. A lot of time without any info so I’m sorry but there is no time to apologize because I must show you all the new stuff! Oh it’s hot and spicy! But before that first things first. Rewritting Celelej