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Flax 0.6 Released

Flax 0.6 Released

What’s new We are happy to announce that today we have published a new Flax 0.6 update! This version is the first Beta release! We plan to open it to the public at the beginning of the next year (most likely on February 2020). The newest Beta version brings another great leap towards final release
Flax on Linux

Flax for Linux is here!

Linux support We’re pleased to announce that Linux support is coming to the Flax Engine! Development builds of Flax’s technology run great on Ubuntu Linux supporting desktop gaming and cloud-based solutions. Gaming Linux Flax supports all core engine features on Linux. This includes high-performant Vulkan rendering and high-DPI monitor support. Game developers can deploy their
Vulkan support

Flax Facts #25 – Vulkan

Introducing the Vulkan renderer Today we’re announcing the upcoming Vulkan renderer support for Flax! Vulkan is a next-generation graphics and compute API that provides high-efficiency and cross-platform access to modern GPUs for PC and mobile platforms. We’re working towards enabling Flax developers to boost the graphics performance of their products. What’s so great? Now, Flax