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Flax Facts

Flax Facts #31 – VS Code

Visual Studio Code Support Welcome to the new Flax Facts! Today we will showcase one of the features in the latest Flax 0.7 version which is: full support for Visual Studio Code in Flax. This includes both C++ and C# scripting and deep integration with Editor. Setup After downloading and installing Visual Studio Code (from

Flax 0.7 Released

What’s new Today we have published a new Flax 0.7 update! This version is the second Beta release! We plan to release the final 1.0 version soon. The newest Beta version makes another great step towards AAA-ready engine with lots of tasty features such as C++ Scripting, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Scarlett support, Gameplay Globals,
Flax on PS4

Flax for PlayStation 4 is here!

PlayStation 4 support We’re happy to announce that PlayStation 4 support is coming to the Flax Engine! This milestone step moves Flax forward towards the production of the truly-multiplatform games. Build for PS4 Flax supports all core engine features on PlayStation 4. This includes graphics, physics, audio, C#/C++ scripting, input, animations, threading, content streaming, and
Flax Facts

Flax Facts #30 – Gameplay Globals

Feature Preview: Gameplay Globals Welcome to the latest Flax Facts! This time we gonna have a quick roundtrip around one of the latest features coming to the next version of Flax. It’s Gameplay Globals! What’s that? How does it work? And how it can be used to make game development faster, better, stronger? Let’s dive
Flax Facts

Flax Facts #29 – Update

Today we’ve published the first update of Flax in 2020. This includes lots of bug fixes of issues you’ve reported to us. We also added some minor features such as: Channel Mask parameter type to materials and particles for simple masking of the color channels (RGBA) – useful when creating PBR materials with customizable masks
Flax 0.6 Released

Flax 0.6 Released

What’s new We are happy to announce that today we have published a new Flax 0.6 update! This version is the first Beta release! We plan to open it to the public at the beginning of the next year (most likely on February 2020). The newest Beta version brings another great leap towards final release
Flax Facts

Flax Facts #28 – Scene Animations

Feature Preview: Scene Animations Every major Flax update brings lots of improvements and new features. For the upcoming Flax 0.6 we’ve prepared Scene Animations. (among tons of other cool stuff!) Scene Animation is an in-build tool that is used to animate objects on the scene. For instance, to create cut-scenes, game objects animations, UI animations, etc.
Flax on Linux

Flax for Linux is here!

Linux support We’re pleased to announce that Linux support is coming to the Flax Engine! Development builds of Flax’s technology run great on Ubuntu Linux supporting desktop gaming and cloud-based solutions. Gaming Linux Flax supports all core engine features on Linux. This includes high-performant Vulkan rendering and high-DPI monitor support. Game developers can deploy their
Flax 0.5 Released

Flax 0.5 Released

What’s new We are thrilled to announce that today we have published a new Flax 0.5 update! The newest Alpha version update makes another great leap towards final release and brings lots of exciting features such as Particles simulation, Vulkan rendering support, Editor improvements and Curves editing. In this blog post, we will review the
Flax Facts

Flax Facts #27 – Particles

Feature Preview: Particles Flax gets new and shining features every update! This time we are adding complete particles system into the engine. This is a massive leap and makes the engine feature complete. You will be able to start using particles right in the upcoming Flax 0.5 Alpha, alongside other great enhancements. Particles are one