Flax Discord Channel

Welcome! In today’s blog post we would like to announce our official Discord channel!
If you want to be a part of the growing community come and visit it.
Starting from now, it will be used as the main community platform where both new users, game developers, and Flax team can share ideas, thoughts and engage.
We believe that’s one of the key aspects to invest a lot of time and energy to build a solid community.
It’s one of the most fundamental parts of the game engine so the whole Flax Team cares about it.



Finally, we have engine builds ready for alpha release and now we’re working on Flax Store (infrastructure, builds distribution, accounts, etc.).
Those of you who send us requests to join the tests will get the access to the engine soon (probably 2nd week of May). So keep waiting!
Meanwhile, come and join the discord channel where you can ask us about anything (literally).
Also if you didn’t send us info but you want to get the early access see the previous post to learn more.

See you soon! Or now on Discord!

Wojciech Figat

Lead Developer


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