Nested Prefabs

Create your games faster

Nested Prefabs support enables developers to build the game levels out of archetypes. This helps with rapid prototypes and working on bigger projects.

DirectX 12 Support

Boost gaming experience level

Full rendering pipeline of the new Flax has been designed and developed to achieve the most of the newest DirectX 12. Microsoft’s new low-level API allows developers to get tomorrow’s performance out of today’s hardware.

NVIDIA PhysX Support

Let your game world explode

Newest NVIDIA PhysX 3.4.1 is now fully supported.

Something between Unity and UE4

The others

Compared to other game engines Flax could be placed somewhere between Unity and Unreal Engine 4. With astonishing graphic capabilities and performance, having full support for C# scripting and advanced materials pipeline Flax Engine contains all the best features of avaliable game engines.
We do everything for your games <3
Choose the right engine for your need. Choose Flax.