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What is Flax?

What is Flax?

Flax Engine is a complete suite of game development tools made by game developer, for game developers. Project started in 2012 and is growing quickly. Read the blog to be up to date with the newest features and the news!

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What it can do?

From stunning graphics to powerful scripts - Flax can give everything for your games. Designed for fast workflow with many ready to use features waiting for you right now. See more feature highlights!

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What it can do?


Whole project is now during development. To be up to date with the latest news please check out the blog!

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Project Status

From September 2014 to April 2015 project was during Open Beta Stage and was free to download. However, I decided to redesign it and recreate from scratch. Finally you can see some early samples of current stage. Project is growing quickly so another release is coming...

Project Status


  • Lead Tools Programmerprofile

    Tomasz Juszczak
  • Lead Graphics Programmer profile

    Wojciech Figat

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