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There was no posts for a long time because of new app that is under development.
It’s a brand new launcher program dedicated to Celelej.
As in the previous version it’s main distribution platform for Editor and additional assets.

But now with even more features coming.

Projects page screenshot:
launcher app

Launcher features

What new app will contain?
Firstly it will have editor versions management.
It was impossible in the old app to have multiply engine versions installed at the same time.
Now user has ability to download new updates and manage them easily.

Another new thing is projects management.
Again, old version was supporting only single workspace so it was hard to use it for more than one project.
Now it’s very easy to create new projects anywhere on your drive and use template for it.

Create new project dialog.
auncher app new project

Features that are unfinished:

  • News Feed
  • Community Page
  • Asset Store

However, there is even more to do like user profiles, submitting content or marketplace searching.
But I believe with a little bit of magic and productivity launcher app will be ready by the end of this year.
After that you can expect closed alpha stage with early access program.


Last but not least I have more news.
Development is moving forward.
Things are getting better.
I finally made C# scripting to work well.
Scripts can have references to other objects and assets.
Engine is performing auto serialization and deserialization of those values so creating complicated objects relations can be done without difficulties or any effort.

What is even more Editor have tooltips and keyboard shortcuts info.
This provides an easy way for beginners to do first steps in Editor UI.

And the last thing is debug console window (similar Unity has).
I really wanted to have this kind of tool because it makes scripts debugging very productive.
It also shows compilation errors/warnings as well as provides an easy way to find where in code message was send (double click to navigate to the target source file line – Visual Studio integration).

Debug Window
debug console window

That’s all for now folks! See you soon!

Wojciech Figat

Wojciech Figat

Lead Developer


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