Today we’ve published the first update of Flax in 2020. This includes lots of bug fixes of issues you’ve reported to us. We also added some minor features such as:

  • Channel Mask parameter type to materials and particles for simple masking of the color channels (RGBA) – useful when creating PBR materials with customizable masks or for terrain layers,
  • HDR support to the color picker.
  • Vertex snapping support to Render2D makes Editor UI look crisp and juicy. It’s also available to disable from code that might be useful for games that use rotated text controls.
  • Preserve Alpha Coverage support to textures importing as an option improves the quality of the foliage leaves on far distances from the camera. The reference coverage value is configurable and can help in creating open-world levels.
  • Random quotes to Editor splash screen is a feature that might cheer you up when you open Flax project. But be aware! Flax starts very quickly so usually you have 0.5s – 2s to read it!

To read the full changelog visit Flax documentation page here.

Right now our work is focused on bringing the Open Beta and delivering new features for Flax 0.7. Soon we will give you more information. Meanwhile, stay tuned! Bye!

Wojciech Figat

Lead Developer


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