It’s been a long time since I could say you something about this project.
Yep. A lot of time without any info so I’m sorry but there is no time to apologize because I must show you all the new stuff!
Oh it’s hot and spicy!
But before that first things first.

Rewritting Celelej

In April 2015 I decided to change Celelej from C# to C++. Big decision. I was worried about it because project had been growing up and that kind of change just stopped it for over a year.

But to be honest it was totally worth it! It’s true that I spend over 1.5 of the year on writting engine from scratch but I had opportunity to redesign many parts of the Core. Not only engine is faster with better base but also has even more features to show you. The list of new changes is very long so here is a special post about it.

What is new engine?

It’s fast. Very fast! I’ve created own GUI system and 2D rendering just for Editor. So no more lags, no more slow UI. There is a lot of fine animations that enhance usage of the Editor. I compile engine for Win32 and Win64 but there is no problem to create port for Linux, Mac and next-gen consoles as well. It would be very pleasant to do but probably after a few months.

There is also new rendering pipeline with all old features but developed for better scalability and performance. So I must say I really want to start using VR and Celelej 🙂

You will see the old stuff like: Material Editing via Graph, nice Content Browser etc.

New is static lightmap baking done fully on GPU (I’ll write about it later), cinematic depth of field, C# scripting using Mono backend, CSG in editor, in-editor playmode, new scene management, no more components system just actors of different types, astonishing atmosphere rendering and sky. I’ve got support for DirectX 10, 11 and new 12! To be honest whole engine has been designed just for DirectX 12.

There are transparent materials with full forward shading and reflections. Fonts management and sprite atlases editing is also here. And even more.

What is the future?

During next few months I’d like to develop even more features. I have to make Editor more usable. Finish new launcher app and prepare for release! When? I don’t know but probably at the begining  of 2017. Since website is live I’m going to publish every new thing and of course start to create documentation as well as some tutorials.


With that in mind I must confess it’s gonna be really exciting time for you and me 🙂
Of course I hope for your help and feedback like it was in the past.

Wojtek Figat (aka mafiesto4)

Wojciech Figat

Lead Developer


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