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I’m proud to announce that Celelej Game Engine scripting API is now open source and available here!

As I mentioned in the previous post I’m currently improving engine scripting service.
This means breaking changes may occur but some basic parts are ready to go.

What should you expect from new API?

  • Designed for fast workflow (it’s similar to Unity)
  • Fully integrated with Engine
  • Portable
  • Fast
  • Contains rich math library (based on SharpDX)
  • Contains in-build fast Json serialization

Scripting Games

One of the most important aspect of every game is gameplay. That kind of magic which moves your characters or creates unique world to play with.
To achieve it developers need special set of tools and fine workflow during the production stage.

Celelej Game Engine solution is to enable devs to use .Net scripting for your games logic.

The key to success is to maximize development speed.
I want to ensure that any your idea can be reached with Celelej and what is even more important it can be done quickly.

As you can see on the picture script variables can be modified directly in the editor without any afford.

code editor scripting

Simple but powerful

Programming games in C# is easy. For example take a look at Unity.
One of the fundamental reasons for success of that engine is fast workflow.
And this is exactly what Celelej can give you (but remember Unity graphics sucks :P).

New version of Celelej Engine contains in-build full support for coding in C# 6.0.
Creating new scripts and placing them in level never has been so easy.
Editor detects any source code changes and reloads assemblies in a background.
Also using Visual Studio as a primary code editor is strongly recommended.
Engine is generating solution file and necessary project files so programming becomes easier.

For more information about scripting features check out dedicated page.

Finally remember to keep your eye on a roadmap page to see what’s going on with the project.

Wojciech Figat

Wojciech Figat

Lead Developer


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