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Welcome to fresh Flax Facts post! Today I want to talk a little about our current task which is: Moving Editor to C#.
Yeah, kind of dramatic change, especially because 3 years ago whole engine was running on C# 🙂 But we don’t move everything…

Plug in baby

The question is why we are moving Flax Editor back to C# from C++?
It’s because we want to be able to extend it without losing control.
But probably the main reasons are:

  • Add Custom Editors feature
  • Add Editor Plugins support
  • Open Source Editor
  • Improve Engine API

What about the performance?
There is nothing to worry. All hard tasks like applying prefab changes and rendering asset thumbnail or baking lightmaps will stay on C++ side. Editor will be more like ViewModel for Engine backed but will use our FlaxEngine and FlaxEditor APIs. Which means it will require us to expose more engine functionalities to public API.

Please checkout public repository with out API on Github.

flax editor

Multi-scenes editing and Nested Prefabs

Furthermore during upcoming months we want to add multi-scenes editing support and prefabs (also nested prefabs). Those two features are really important for us and you can be sure we’re gonna do this!
Anyway Editor refactor is a good moment to review some current functionalities and improve everything.
Speaking about prefabs we gonna choose editing similar like in Unity except we will support nested prefabs because reasons.

Looking forward

How long would it take? I assume we should done editor refactor+transition with multiscenes and prefabs editing by the end of the August that means you could expect early access by the end of this year which is great!
It’s gonna be very exciting second half of the year.
Every week new post with progress update and more.
Also keep eye on our public roadmap on Trello. It’s updated at least once a week but sometimes daily. Yep, we are speeding up!

Bye 🙂

Wojciech Figat

Lead Developer


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