New Name: Flax Engine

flax engine

With the end of the year upon me, I am starting to get excited for Celelej’s official release for next year. With a new year comes a fresh start, so I’ve decided to update the Celelej name to be easier to catch and remember.

So, on to the big news! Celelej Game Engine is officially changing its name to Flax Engine.
The main reason is to encompass more what I think is great about this project.
It’s all about that simple magic which moves it forward.
Making games should be easy.
That’s one of the fundamental ideas of this project.

New features are comming

I’m glad to announce that Flax is now supporting NVIDIA PhysX 3.3.4.
This means stable and optimized for huge world physics simulation.
Scripting side hasn’t been finished yet (here is a link) but you can expect fine functionality.
Look at the picture below which shows some properties of the physic body.
There is plenty of properties being exposed to edit.
Also CSG brushes have physic shape by default so creating simple but interactive worlds is super fast and super convenient.


Physics in action!

To test your level just hit play button (or F5) and see real time simulation!
Here you can see scene with some boxes colliding each other.
Runs nice and smoothly!

boxes physics

Screen Space Reflections

Another exciting feature that will be available soon is Screen Space Reflections rendering (simply SSR).
You can see sample screenshot below with some reflections on objects ray traced from a screen buffer.
This feature was in first Celelej version but was limited and results weren’t satisfying.
Current version runs faster and what is more important matches Flax Engine physically based rendering pipeline.
This means that scenes will look more realistic.


Wojciech Figat

Lead Developer


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